How we work

Before giving professional advices we carefully consider the task we were assigned by our client: why this particular issue is important for them, why they applied to the consulting company.

Our entire endeavors aim only one important thing: to prepare professional advice for each client and create such final product, which would be valuable for them and help them solve existing problems in order to gain relevant success.

Our working style and attitudes allow the client to participate in working processes actively. After our first meeting, we elaborate working plan based on the information gained from the client. This working plan includes the scope of the issue, our approaches and methodologies. After agreement, we begin to collect information about the problems, analyze affecting factors, study relevant views of industry experts and finally, we sum up according to the theoretic approaches and experience.

During project, we meet with representatives of client company and share the viewpoints and results of our working; this is one of the most interesting stages of our collaboration - moment of sharing our experience.

We are deeply sure that close collaboration with the client organization and joint working on project will result in high quality product.

We offer you


  • Organizational diagnostics;
  • Structure modification/creation;
  • Action plan development;
  • Process design;
  • Personal consultant services;


  • Customer relationship management (CRM);
  • Market research;
  • Marketing strategy planning.

Human resource management

  • HR research;
  • Recruitment;
  • Performance assessment and motivation systems;
  • HR department setup and/or outsourcing.

Financial management and analysis

  • Financial analysis;
  • Financial statement development;
  • Valuation.