The Company's History

Our company’s history begins in 1996, just as the country cautiously began exploring then foreign concepts of “business”, “consumers”, “business environment”, etc. Economic changes created fresh ground for various new businesses to spawn, although their founders did not possess sufficient knowledge and experience to run them effectively. It is for their aid that the consulting firm GCG was founded and staffed with alumni and professors of the leading business school – ESM Tbilisi (currently, the Free University of Tbilisi).

GCG cooperated with international companies from 1998 and later in 2002 joined the leading international audit company Ernst & Young, which gained a significant foothold in Transcaucasia through this agreement.

In the years 2001-2002 the international law that regulated consulting activity underwent some changes. According to the new regulations, a consulting company could no longer simultaneously provide its clients with several types of service, e.g. accounting and audit services. This limitation dealt an unpleasant blow to consultancies, which now had to choose between their fields of activity and even abandon some of them.

Hence, Ernst & Young’s local management consulting department decided to split away from E&Y and founded a separate management consultancy. Having been separately founded in January 2004, GMCG was able to retain its old clients and attract new ones without much effort.

The organization completed a large-scale project for BP. Since then, GMCG cooperated withleading Georgian companies, such as Geocell, TBC Bank, Tbiltskalkanali, Georgian Manganese, Populi and numerous others.

Notably, the company became a partner of the BAS program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The program made professional consulting more affordable to Georgian organizations.

The company maintained a fast pace of development up until 2009. The stable inflow of projects guaranteed financial growth, the team’s attention was focused on getting the job done and doing it well. GMCG acquired new employees, partners and clients in this period.

Unfortunately, the crisis that began in 2008 had taken its toll on Georgian business. But in spite of 2009 being a very difficult year, the company advanced to a new level of evolution. It decided to start a new life with a new name – Innova. Together with the name, the company changed its organizational vision and set new goals. GMCG had employed specialists of a wide profile, which could participate in numerous different projects.

Its new vision mandated that Innova must become more specialized in several chosen fields and offer its clients a wider array of services in these directions.

In 2010, these changes were initiated. The company expanded its team, attracted new clients and increased the complexity of its projects.

In 2011, Innova became a partner of IREX G-media and cooperates with the organization to this day.

Since 2011, the company has carried out many interesting projects, including a pre-premiere marketing campaign for the movie “In Bloom” (by Nana Ekvtimishvili, Simon Gross). It was this campaign that earned Innova its international award for “Consulting Project of the Year”, awarded annually by the Gabriel Al-Salem Fund.


Luka Namoradze

Head of Marketing Department

Natia Gviniashvili

Management Consultant

Mariam Lekveishvili

Management Consultant

Alexander Menagarishvili

Management Consultant

Vakhtang Kelbakiani

Financial Analyst

Nina Todua

PR Manager

Salome Machavariani

Management Consultant

Zurab Chiqovani

Management Consultant